How to get into digital detox mode?

The smartphone is a technological revolution that has changed the life of each of us, it serves us for better or for worse. However, most people are addicted to their cell phone, which can be dangerous if they do not manage to detach themselves from time to time. Thus, a person is said to be addicted to the smartphone when it follows him from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed. To fight against this addiction, scientists around the world have developed a way called "digital detox", how does it work?

What is a digital detox for?

After a vague study on the addiction to smartphones and their harmful effects, we were able to create a way to have some perspective on their arrival. A few years ago, phone booths were still the main means of communication; but since smartphones and various applications have emerged, when going to a restaurant, for example, we do not forget to take pictures and then publish them in social networks. Indeed, the addiction to the smartphone affects the mental health by causing stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, etc.. And to fight against these harmful effects, the digital detox has been set up.

When to do a digital detox?

First and last reflex at the beginning and end of the day, touch and play with your cell phone. With communications on social networks, checking emails, and accessing various applications, we become addicted from day to day even if we are not aware of it. We are addicted to smartphones when we are attracted by new things, i.e. trends, news, new photos, etc. While surfing on social networks, we develop several desires: the desire to be seen, the desire to be liked and to be noticed, which leads us to be more and more present on the network. If you notice all these signs, you need a digital detox.

How to do a digital detox?

To proceed with a digital detox, there are a few methods to use. The first is to sort out the applications in your smartphone. You have to get rid of the social network applications so that they don't take all your attention. Next, you need to ask yourself why you need to detach from your cell phone. That is, when you are going to reduce the use of your smartphone, you need to know what your next occupations would be. Another way, go without your cell phone for a day, to see if you can live without it, you must if you want to develop the digital detox.
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