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What role did social networks play during lockdown?

Humans are social beings who need an average of 40 social interactions per day. During lockdown, this interaction is poorly satisfied, which is why many compensated for this with social networks. During the containment period, it was recorded that the…

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Social marketing: trends to follow today and tomorrow

Today, more than half of the world’s population is registered on social networks. Most large companies take advantage of this presence to interact effectively with targeted customers. For a satisfactory result, it is recommended to have an adequate network, to…

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What impact does social media have in the luxury sector?

Social media encompass all services that allow for enhanced conversations and social communication using the internet or not. From now on, they are becoming essential tools for the communication of a company. Thanks to the large number of existing social…

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Social networks: what is the best time to post?

What is the best time to publish on social networks? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+, because people do not consult them at the same times, the right time depends on the network in question. In general, publications posted…

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