Marketing strategy

What is PIM (Product Information Management)?

PIM is an acronym for “Product Information Management” and it is software dedicated to companies. It allows companies to create, manage and distribute the content of their product repository to sales channels. The tool allows coordination and distribution of product…

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The areas of web content management

Do you need a better system to help you create a site? Do you want to improve your digital visibility? Do you know that it is important to master web content management? What is web content management? Web content management…

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Why and how to make a product catalog?

An indispensable sales tool, a product catalog supports the relationship a brand has with its prospects and customers. As a virtual showroom, it accentuates its commercial strength by presenting the best of its products in a perfect light. But in…

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Succeed in your B2B marketing strategy

When companies think of B2B marketing, they sometimes think of direct and outbound marketing techniques, approaching potential buyers in person or sending messages or making direct calls. However, this is no longer sufficient in 2021. Instead of relying on word…

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