The 5 best practices for a good linking today

In SEO, links remain the foundation of the search engine algorithm. Of course, linking is important because it is complicated to rank without links. So what are the 5 best practices for a good linking today?

Practicing a good linking: the strategy

First, it should be noted that linking or meshing is to design links for the referencing of a website. In order to practice a good linking, it is important to distinguish between internal and external linking. As a reminder, linking is the term used to describe a link building strategy. This method is based on two bases: internal linking and external linking. Internal linking creates links within the pages of a website. On the other hand, external linking or netlinking establishes links (backlinks) from different sites to its own website.

Knowing a good link to practice a good linking

A good link is one that is contextualized. It is essential to specify that contextualization is a determining criterion to create a good link. Without a context, the link will have little impact on the positioning. Then it should be a natural and perennial link. If search engines suspect that a link has been established exclusively for the purpose of rigging the SERPs, penalties will apply to the site.

Other good practices to acquire a good linking

  • Adopting a good linking strategy.
Practicing a good linking is a principle that comes from knowing the objectives of internal and external linking. Internal linking is used to link the pages of a site together in order to provide systematic and precise answers to the cybernaut. In addition, internal linking allows you to attribute influence to pages. As for the objective of external linking, netlinking allows to gain popularity.
  • Check the authority of a site
The authority of a site is a considerable element to be optimally positioned on Google. As long as the site has authority, it has the possibility to enjoy a good positioning. In order to measure the authority of a site, there are different tools such as the Domain Rating and the Trust Flow.
  • Choosing the right type of links to practice a good linking
In general, no link is really superior to another. On the other hand, it is important to observe the integration of this link in a link profile. To do this, you need to diversify the link models to maintain a natural link profile.
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